The 7th ACRE-APS Scientific Symposium – Opportunity and Challenge in Cardiovascular Research

August 8, 2020; Virtual Conference with Zoom


Dear Colleagues:


We are pleased to announce that “The 7th Academy of Cardiovascular Research Excellence (ACRE)/The Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (APS) Scientific Symposium: Opportunity and Challenge in Cardiovascular Research” will be held through virtual meeting with Zoom on Saturday, August 8, 2020, 7:00–11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (Sunday, August 9, 2020, 8:00 AM-12:00 PM, Beijing time).

With your strong support, ACRE/APS have successfully held our Annual Scientific symposium which has been part of the AHA-BCVS meeting every summer since 2014. During this unusual and difficult time of COVID-2019 pandemic, we have to switch our meeting online with Zoom. This program will provide an opportunity for recognizing ongoing outstanding cardiovascular sciences and promoting career development of young investigators and junior faculty, pillars of the ACRE mission.

Preliminary Programs

  1. Young Investigator Award (Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Post-doc, PhD student, and Visiting Scholar Trainee or equivalent)
  2. Junior Faculty Award presentations (Assistant Professor or equivalent)
  3. Recognition of new and honorary ACRE members
  4. Award Ceremony

A group of outstanding abstracts will be selected by the Program Committee for presentation and competition for the ACRE/APS Young Investigator Awards and Junior Faculty Awards. Here you can find details for Award Categories and Guide for Abstract Submission.



Zhao Wang, PhD, Program Committee Co-Chair
Faqian Li, MD, PhD, Program Committee Co-Chair
ACRE | The Academy of Cardiovascular Research Excellence



Meeting attendance: Free (the access to virtual meeting will be published early August)

  Meeting agenda

Particularly, we would like to encourage all trainees to submit your abstracts to compete the Young Investigator Award. The format of the abstract follows the AHA abstract submission guideline. Please submit your abstract through the ACRE website

  Abstract Submission 

The deadline of the abstract submission is Jul. 25th, 2020.

Guide to abstract submission

  Career Opportunities 

2020 ACRE-APS Symposium Committee:

Lu Cai, MD, PhD; Jiang (JC) Chang, MD, PhD; Ju Chen, PhD; Dayue Darrel Duan, MD, PhD; Shaodong Guo, PhD; Faqian Li, MD, PhD (Co-Chair); Ji Li, PhD; Qiangrong Liang, MD, PhD; Gangjian Qin, MD; Aijun Sun, PhD; Wang Wang, MD, PhD; Xuejun Wang, MD, PhD; Yibin Wang, MD, PhD; Zhao Wang, PhD (Co-Chair); Rongxue (Rosie) Wu, MD, PhD; Qinglin Yang, MD, PhD; Chunyu Zeng, PhD; Chunxiang (Kevin) Zhang, MD, PhD; Jay Jianyi Zhang, MD, PhD; Hua Zhu, PhD; Yunzhen Zou, PhD.


ACRE Board:

President:                                          Gangjian Qin, MD
President Elected:                             Jiang (JC) Chang, MD, PhD
General Secretary:                            Chunxiang (Kevin) Zhang, MD, PhD
Membership Chair:                            Shaodong Guo, PhD
Finance Committee Chair:                 Qiangong Liang, MD, PhD
Education/Award Chair:                     Hua Zhu, PhD
Long-range Planning Chair:               Jay Jianyi Zhang, MD, PhD
Program/Science Chair:                     Zhao Wang, PhD and Faqian Li, MD, PhD
Multi-Media and Publication Chair:    Rongxue (Rosie) Wu, MD, PhD